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You just know nobody is reblogging this for the dog

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Holly do you want me to put the puppies to bed?? 

"Umm yeah. Maybe. Yeah. No"

Holly do you want me to put the puppies to bed??

"Umm yeah. Maybe. Yeah. No"

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effiedee asked: I know I'm ready for a baby but I don't know if the world is a safe place for me to raise a child. I am confident in motherhood but I wonder if it would be best for me to move to a property where I can farm and work for my family rather than live in the city. Will changing my location increase my chances of raising a happy child?



situation: Judgement. this suggests that your situation is primarily one regarding an inner conviction or recent epiphany. it suggests that you have come to a realization of an important path in your life & are approaching a point where you will need to take action. im actually kind of surprised how on the nose this was, lol. there is also an associated idea of learning from the past.

action: 9 of cups. the action this card suggests you take is to satisfy your emotional needs. im not going to recommend you take one path or another but i think this card suggests that you take stock of what your emotional needs really are & don’t be afraid to do what is right for YOU. feel your emotions strongly & let them guide your actions.

outcome: 3 of cups. another card suggesting the importance of putting your emotional and social needs first. this is a very positive card, and as an outcome suggests that taking stock of your emotions will definitely lead you to a positive and abundant place. this is specifically a card of feminine energy with a lot of nature and harvest imagery.

effie i hope this is helpful to you. this was probably one of the most fun readings i’ve ever done.

This is amazing!!

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girls all go to the bathroom together because that’s where we rap battle

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here’s a video of an armadillo playing if youve never seen that before



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